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DOLSR: The only cloud-based Documentum for LifeSciences!

April 11th, 2018 Comments off

Dolsr, Documentum for LifeSciences in the cloud

Woerden, April 11th, 2018 – Informed Group announces the release of their newest information management solution: DOLSR. Based on OpenText Documentum, DOLSR is the only virtual private cloud based Documentum solution for LifeSciences. DOLSR is the subscription-based cloud solution for the Life Sciences mid-market that provides a pre-validated information management solution to manage compliance, regulatory, risk, and quality challenges.

Dolsr ( combines OpenText Documentum for LifeSciences with the flexible and scalable characteristics of a subscription based cloud solution. In contrast to a lot of on-premise and other solutions, DOLSR can be up and running within 5 days.

‘We saw the urgent need for a cloud-based product that served mid-market companies that need to be compliant, but can’t afford long installation and validation processes and bespoke solutions.’ CEO Jeroen Jansen explains. ‘These organizations need a simple solution, something that is quick, reliable, scalable and works the way they do.’

DOLSR is preconfigured with the DIA EDMS and eTMF reference models to leverage the industry-defined best practices for managing documents and trial master files. Thereby, DOLSR is running on a GxP, GAMP 5, EMA and FDA compliant as well as ISO certified infrastructure that is provided by Iperion Life Sciences Cloud, the first SaaS distribution platform for validated applications.

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Young professional blog: The utter understanding of knowledge

March 29th, 2018 Comments off

Informed’s Young professional academy 2018 started March 1st. We’ve asked our young professionals to share their experiences and lessons throughout the journey they’ve started. Read about Sebastian Lustermans’ experience this week.

‘Knowing is half the battle: The other half is understanding…’ is a book that has been untouched on the dinner table for quite some time now, and honestly, have no idea what it is about. However, the title caught my eye when I strolled through my new hometown.

I left for Maastricht University to study Law in August 2017, after having successfully completed secondary education in the United Kingdom with a lot of practical experiences and projects in IT. Believing that a university course in law, would prepare for what is yet to come in my adult life; and that my choices were set for a path to success.
Very nice said and done, in reality, none of this was true. One thing led to the other, and I discontinued my studies and ended up in an interview at Informed which is where I am today; as a Young Professional.

In my last weeks at Informed, the title of the book mentioned kept pondering in my head, having thrown myself completely into gaining knowledge of ECM Systems. I recognize methodologies and systems from other projects I have worked on, by means of browsing through Documentum (DA and D2 so far) I apply my knowledge of similar systems to truly understand what it is about.
Quite frankly, I’m self-aware that when I tend to believe a system is similar to what I’ve worked on in the past. I’m racing through it and am often inclined to forget minor details. Possibly leading to lead major faults or even lack of functions within an application.
This self-awareness of having the familiarity doesn’t immediately lead to the understanding of it, nor does it mean that I can apply this knowledge to its best of its abilities.

To recall my interview with one of the Senior Consultants, I was questioned why I didn’t continue my academic studies. Despite the fact that I expressed, ‘we learn today might not be relevant tomorrow’, a statement I still strongly believe in.
As a reflecting Young Professional at Informed Consultant so far, I see room for improvement for understanding the knowledge I am and have obtained in the past.

Nevertheless, even a more important element than anything mentioned about. What I have learned the most at informed: Is that a person’s strength is appreciated and utilized, however, a person’s weakness is stimulated to ensure development.

Keeping that in mind, every time I see the book: ‘Knowing is half the battle: The other half is understanding…’ I don’t think of that Knowledge is half of what I have to submit to, but that Understanding is as crucial as the knowledge itself. Knowing that I have to work on the utter understanding of knowledge and that my colleagues are more than willing to assist me in this. That a company is more than focused on only income, but that it’s focused on its employees and their welfare.​

Sebastian Lustermans

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The Young Professional Academy: week one

March 14th, 2018 Comments off

Informed's Young Professional Academy

After almost two months of selection days, interviews and preparation it was finally time to kick off the Informed Consulting Young Professional Academy 2018, or YPA2018 as we like to call it. A group of 10 was standing in front of us, excited but also a little bit nervous.

After some short mandatory introductory presentation, it was finally time! The cars arrived! It was incredibly cold, but nobody cared, this is the car that is going to be ours for at least the next 3 months!

Young Professionals with their cars

Despite the fact that some already met on one of the selection or signing days they still didn’t really know each other. Two introduction games solved this problem. These games made sure everyone had a short chat with all the others. Really fun and after the first awkward 30 seconds you could see everybody enjoying themselves and having vivid conversations. Young professional Sebastian Lustermans: “I didn’t really know what to expect, but my arrival and welcome at Informed certainly exceeded my expectations. The culture to share and help each other is ambient throughout the building genuinely admiring.”

After a training on Friday about presenting (where they had to give interesting presentations on topics like knitting and scrapbooking), on Monday it was finally time for the first “serious” training. Jeroen Jansen gave them an introduction to ECM and after that our AIIM CIP Ed Steenhoek started drilling them on all the theory behind ECM. Some “dry” stuff but luckily Ed is an amazing storyteller which makes it all a little bit more vivid. “Three full days we learned about the ideology and philosophy of this new kind of working. Mighty interesting but it’s not for the faint of heart.” Said Thijs van Tienen looking back at Ed Steenhoek’s lectures.

Of course, a training wouldn’t be an Informed training without a nice surprise at the end so when we told them on Wednesday that they needed to give a presentation on Friday you could see the excitement on their faces (or was it fear…?).

They needed to think of their ideal ECM application in one of the functional subcategories of ECM (Document management, Case management, Capture, Collaboration etc) and present that application on a functional level. Not an easy task. But it is always nice to be surprised and to see how creative everybody is. What made me even more proud was the fact that all of them took the feedback from the presentation workshop the week before and used that in this presentation.

Hans Van Soom: “As one of the Belgian newbies from the Young Professionals at Informed Consulting, I’ve only had training for 9 days now. However, days which have been so packed with brainfood that it’s already quite difficult to summarize all of my thoughts in just a few sentences. Well, I can tell you we’ve learned a lot!”

This week it’s time for a training from YSE where the YP’s are going to get challenged in their analytical skills with a variety of games, trainings and college tours! Stay tuned to follow the journey of our Young Professionals!